Tuesday, December 18, 2012

6 Top Baby Shower Gifts for a Newborn and Mom

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Diapers and diaper bags
Giving diapers to parents at this time can be done in different ways, either by giving diaper animals, cakes, bags etc. Diapers are useful gifts for a baby shower and more preferable because they are not expensive and you can either buy them or make them with the help of some simple instructions from books and the internet.

Present for Mom and Dad
Offering something that parents can make use of at a baby shower is not a bad idea. Giving first time parents in particular books about parenting can really be helpful. You can also give stretch mark solutions as it is a common problem for expecting mothers if you are a friend because most people do not take such gifts from people they are not familiar with (no matter how helpful!)

Furniture for the Baby
Baby cabinets and cribs are great baby furniture's you can offer to both the baby and the parents. An organizer and a dresser can be memorable gifts to the couples if they don't have them yet. You can ask close friends or the new parents themselves to ensure that you are not spending your money on a gift that may end up in the trash can.

Baby Clothes
One of the top baby shower gifts are clothes, they are a universal present for baby showers and other baby occasions. Couples need plenty of baby clothes for their new babies and you can get some cute clothes and if possible, expensive ones. You can also buy toddler clothes rather than the infant sets so that the baby will have new clothes to wear as they get older.

Present Basket
A basket of goodies is one of the simplest presents you can buy for a baby shower. You can also buy gifts with the same color as the basket to make a a cute monochromatic theme and it also allows you to put some smaller items in a bigger present so you can offer the new parents otherthings they may need like wet tissues, powder, cologne, diaper pins and anything the baby can have fun with.

Baby Gear
Baby gear is another ideal gift for a baby shower because new parents normally have many expenses to make but there are a few items which they know are necessary for day to day life. These include items like cribs, strollers, bouncers, car seats, etc. If you can get any of these important items as a present it will definitely ease off a lot of pressure off of the expecting parents. These items may be too expensive for you alone, so try to share the cost with another family member or guest who will be in the shower to make things much easier for both you and the new parents.

Some other top baby shower gifts that you can get are the baby carrier, sleep kit, bedding for the infant and silver spoons which apart from being an attractive gift are also made popular by tradition. You can make your gift remarkable by thinking of what the couple and their baby really need and make parenting much easier with your gift.

Monday, December 17, 2012

How to Make Baby Shoes!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dress Your Baby Using Ideas from Pinterest

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Searching for baby clothes online at a site like Pinterest can be fun. There's no better place to find interesting and inspiring baby clothes. Using Pinterest for inspiration is a great idea if you're running low on creativity or just want to have some fashion fun. Here are a few tips for recreating gorgeous online baby outfits:
Look for similar items rather than exact replicas. You'll be a lot happier if you decide in advance that you want to dress your baby in an outfit inspired by, rather than exactly like, the one you saw online. If you try to duplicate it down to the diaper, you're going to wind up sad and frustrated. Instead, decide what you like about the outfit. Then find baby clothes that duplicate that feature. For example, if you like a plaid onesie shown in a photo, don't try to hunt down that exact plaid onesie. Perhaps you'll find a plaid onesie in another color scheme, or maybe you'll find a striped t-shirt using the same colors from the photo. The key is to let the image inspire you rather than let it drive you crazy.

Check the link. Each Pinterest image comes along with a link that shows where the image came from. These sometimes come from blogs and personal websites, but they often come from baby clothes websites. Before you look elsewhere, determine if the link attached to the picture is an online store that will let you purchase the garments you love. If that's the case, then your job is easy!

Shop for baby clothes online. If the link attached to the photo wasn't for the garment you loved, don't despair! You have other options. You may not be able to find a particular item of baby clothes in your local children's clothing store. That's where the Internet comes in! Search your favorite stores' websites for items that match what you're looking for. Buying baby clothes online is simple and easy. It gives you an outlet for finding items that may not be available where you live.

Search the Internet. If you're truly having trouble finding the baby clothes online at your favorite children's clothing stores, then search for the item online. You may find that stores not typically known for kid's clothes do sell a few items meant for children. Or perhaps you'll learn about a new children's clothing store you didn't know existed.

Recreate the item yourself. If you can't find what you're looking for anywhere online, then it's time to get out the sewing machine! Again, determine what it is that you liked about the original look. Color scheme, fabric, cut, and embellishment all play a role in a garment. Pick the factors that called to you and incorporate them into a new outfit for your baby. Even if you can't sew, you can create and embellish garments for your child. Use iron-on transfers and fusible webbing to create cute clothes inspired by the image you pinned.

It's easy to get lost in Pinterest! Fortunately, when you come out again, you're totally inspired. If you've seen a kid's outfit that you absolutely have to have, try these strategies for hunting down the perfect garments to complete the look you love.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Dress Your Baby in Stylish, Well Made Clothes

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When it's time to dress your little one in clothes that are soft, snug, and washer-friendly, it's important to choose sets of clothes that are well made and stylish. Clothes for that precious baby have evolved beyond simple cloth diapers and t-shirts. Today's very wearable clothes for babies feature adorable styles that are comfy and fun for both baby and mom. Having a baby is one of the most joyous experiences possible, so why not dress that little one beautifully and comfortably?

There are many options for finding cozy sets of clothes for babies today. The choices for mothers range from everyday easy one piece suits with snaps on the bottoms, to cool baby clothes that offer the latest in comic book designs. Babies and small children love seeing their favorite comic book characters featured in colorful images on t-shirts and snug-fit cotton pj's. Soft, cozy, and colorful, these are the kind of clothes, for day or nighttime, that make mothers and little ones smile.

There are dreamy looks for baby girls that are lovely and effortlessly easy to wear. From frilly little dresses to adorable cotton jumpers, today there are amazing styles that will make that sweet little girl as lovely as can be. Whether she's a baby who loves dressing up in pink party dresses with velvet and ribbons or a little girl who's more comfortable playing at the sandbox in a denim jumper, there are plenty of wearable choices out there. Luckily, today’s baby clothes are easy to wear, and washable too.

Little boys have many ways to dress it up in style, too. There are cool baby clothes for that active boy in the house, such as rough and ready denim rompers to comic book character t-shirts with coordinating pant sets. For bedtime, he can get cozy and snug in soft footed one piece pajamas or flannel pajamas with coordinating pants and tops. For dressy occasions, there are choices in little suits with ties and dress shirts made in baby sizes. He'll be looking as adorable as can be at that next play date or birthday party in his sweet and wearable dress up clothes.

Shopping for baby clothes online is also easy, with online shopping now a very viable option for moms on-the-go. Mothers can find wonderful choices in baby clothes online, all from the comfort of home or from a laptop in a neighborhood cafe. Baby clothes come in many cuts and designs, which is why shopping for baby outfits online can be a very easy solution. With just a few clicks of the mouse, computer-savvy moms can find the right size and the right color in take-me-home sets of dresses with matching panties or little overalls for the baby in the house. Online shopping also provides many opportunities for finding bargains by comparison shopping and the creative use of online coupons.

For moms who like to shop in brick and mortar stores, there are also lots of ways to compare and find the sweetest styles possible for that fashionable little one. When it's time to find new looks for the baby in the house, shopping is one of the sweetest experiences possible.

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